Update Shape data from shape?

Started by Henke, March 14, 2014, 10:38:00 AM

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I have a shape that has a field.
The field displays a value from the Shape data.  (See 1 in attachment)
If I update the value in shape data, it gets updated in the shape.

But the other way around does not work.
If I enter new text in the shape, the shape data stays the same and the field is removed. (See 2 in attachment)

How can I make the field stay and be able to enter text in the "field" to update the shape data?


Simple answer: You can't.
But there are shapes out there, that have this functionality. But in these cases, there's an addon behind this, that forces that behavior.

So complicated answer: You have to write your own custom (VBA) code for that. I don't think you can do this with ShapeSheet forkmulas alone.


can not really do what you want to do directly

But you can, in a round about way, by do the following
- on the event double click cell in shapesheet, put in docmd(1312)
- Create a feild (lets call the field "cool_text")
- in the shape itself, insert the field props.cool_text on the shape display

So now if you double click the shape, the props field opens, you can edit the field cool_text to say something like "have a nice day", hit enter and shape is updated to say "have a nice day"


The Prompt field accepts longer texts.
If you use the shape data dialog instead of the shape data window, you can easily show longer explanations.