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Started by ThirdDimension, October 15, 2015, 03:28:56 AM

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I am in the process of developing some stencils to assist with creating wiring diagrams.  I will have many questions to come, but for now I am interested in creating a stencil that I can drag and drop AND give format options. 

For example, I would like to have the option to assign a solid line or dashed line to a stencil once placed.  Also, if I could configure basic orientation such as right hand or left hand would be beneficial

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


3rd D


Just for clarity, a stencil is a collection of shapes.  The shapes are what get dragged and dropped.

I remember that someone did something similar to what you want on the forum.  It had to do with a connector shape that could be expanded.  Left/right orientation controlled.  Not sure what the post was titled, nor what a good search string would be.


Edit:  found it:  [SOLVED] Automate adding connection points at prescribed dimensions
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Visio 2019 Pro


Hi Everyone,

I will be designing wiring diagrams that will be fairly simple.  These drawings will mainly consist of wires going from one box to anther.  The wires are sometimes shield pairs, shielded triples, ethernet, or standard 22 awg. 

Attached a diagram.  The top wire is a connector line and can be manipulated via the handles.

Below I have my twisted pairs, triples, ethernet, etc. I would like to design a shape that works like the single connector line.

The "candy-cane" shape is also an example.  I downloaded it from this forum, although I cannot remember who designed it.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!!




I think, given the nature of Visio, its better to build a cable of three shapes. Like this.


Thanks Croc,

My questions is how can I create a custom Dash Type?  I would the example from Croc, but I would like to use a 0 pt. line weight for the pair, triple, quad cables.

thanks again!

3rd D