Automatically create basic flowchart from Excel to Visio

Started by jgrisham, February 21, 2014, 02:46:11 PM

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Hi all,

I would like to automatically create a basic flowchart from Excel to Visio.
I am trying to link Excel to Visio automatically without having to manually drag and drop the process from the open tab at the bottom in Visio.

I have process numbered from 1-10 in excel, and each process is owned by different business functions. These processes all link between the different business functions. The business functions must be separate swimlanes and the processes must automatically go in different swimlanes.

Would I have to write code for this?

If anyone knows how this could done, it would be great.



In the pro versions, there is this organisation chart wizard, that does exactly what you want.
Upgrading to pro should be cheaper than writing your own code.


Thank you @Yacine.

I have Visio Pro. However would you know how to do this in Visio? I have the organisational chart option, but not sure how to link it into a process flowchart. I have tried this option, but there is no organisation into different swimlanes for different process ownership. Some of the processes have 2 ownerships.


the orgchart is designed  to support only a single hierarchy, not a mesh structure.