Adding Text from Data to connectors

Started by varunpitale, February 05, 2014, 07:21:57 AM

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Hi, I am new to Visio (on Day 3) and I am trying to create a corporate chart with parent companies and their subcompanies and sub-subcompanies. The data comes in from a linked Excel sheet which also contains the % holding of the parent company. Is there a way I can get the connectors between the company to display the % holding.
For example, the output I am looking for is
Parent Company -------------- % holding ------> Child Company

Currently I am doing this manually and am unable to figure out how to do this automagically. I am using Visio 2010 Premium, if that helps.



How do you create the company chart? Manually or with some Addin like org chart wizard?


I am importing the chart from an excel sheet using the org chart wizard and then linking the sheet for any further changes.


I feared that. Problem with the orgchart wizard is that you can not (at least there's no easy way) influence the AddOn behind the wizard and which shapes and lines he uses. So you can't use custom made lines to link the company shapes.

David Parker has played arround with org chart a lot. Maybe you get an idea there: