shapes from Stencils downloaded from internet shows pained complete blue

Started by ajayn, February 04, 2014, 02:46:10 PM

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Hi,  I am having issue with shapes from stencil downloaded from Internet (Exchange 2013 office visio stencil) - they get filled with blue color when dragged into the main pane.

OS:  Windows 8.1 Enterprise
Office:  Office 2013 Professional plus
Visio:  Visio 2013 Professional plus
Stencil:  Exchange 2013 Office Visio stencil

Screenshot is attached.

Shapes that come by default in visio 2013 does not have this problem.


Paul Herber

Do you have a theme applied to the page? What are the theme settings? Try turning off themes to see what happens.
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Thanks - it is working when I deselected 'Apply theme to new Shapes'.  At least now the shapes are clear.  I will try different themes to see if I get correct colors for the shapes.