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Started by complete, March 09, 2014, 07:16:55 PM

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How do I create a huge visio file that is not bound by the page restrictions?
(yes, I am new to visio)


Try: File/Page Setup/Page Size/"Size to fit drawing contents"


spoof that bad boy!!!

- Add a background page
- on background page, make a white box (or grid) as big as you want
  (in my experience visio will let you get away with a shape area about 3X the page area)
- set current page to use the new background page.

Note, this does not mean all your shapes will print to a page size....just means you now have a huge uniform canvass to work with


Hi Vojo,
your solution makes much more sense, as in what I wrote, the user would have the smaller displayed page underneath his drawing.

But, would there be a way to hide completely the page as other drawing SW do?