Portfolio Management - Excel/SharePoint Based

Started by tpmoore, April 14, 2014, 06:51:05 PM

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I would like to automatically create Visio diagrams that have "swim lane-like" features and automatically load the objects into the containers.   Here's how I believe I see the process.

Process (best guess)
o   Link to SharePoint (hopefully) or Excel for the data.  For example we have a list that has all the technologies/applications we use.  One of the pieces of data we collect is location (NA/SA/EMEA/APAC).
o   Manually Build the swim lanes objects in visio.   In this case 4 vertical swimlanes for NA/SA/EMEA/APAC.   
o   Manually Drag the objects from the linked data onto the visio diagram.
o   Use the Automatic Link or some other process to align themselves to the correct container according to the location metadata.

I may be off here, but you get the idea.  As the data changes, I'd want the shapes to move.  It's a bad example, but if a technology moved from North America to the UK, I'd want to do a refresh and see the shape move from the NA container to the EMEA one.

Make sense?   Any help?   Hopiing to do this with minimal coding if any.