2 coloured, striped connector

Started by antalj, November 07, 2013, 01:26:35 PM

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Hello Guys!

I have a relly interesting question here :)

I would like to draw a wiring diagram, but there is a function really missing here.
Is that possible anyhow to create a 2 coloured connector? My unit has rose/black wires also yellow/wires etc, but if I would like to use the connector's fill function with stripes, it does nothing.
It would be great to have tsriped 2 coloured connector like here:

(I tried with rectangles putted together but that is not really fancy cause they can not be dynamically and fast modified.)

Anyone tried to do this with Visio already? Or is this possible to do at all ?

Paul Herber

Search for Visio custom line patterns.
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I have already searched for it, but I find only really complicated articles, and there was also not a concrete description for 2 striped line.


several options:

1.  (the one I always do)...start with Junes ISO connectors and edit the scratch fields to change angles
     set the top one to say red and bottom to black....change bottom weight to make thicker
     set the top to dashed line

2.   2 connectors
      group them
      line them up
      make one connect fixed smaller than the other  aka  width = guard(group.width*1 - 10mm)
      one red...one black

3     individually place 2 connectors to your shapes
       set one to be red and dashed
       set other to be black and thicker perhaps

4    of course the custom line patterns (I never did this much)

5.   could play with long thin rectangles (tedious and pretty much a kludge)
      set fill pattern as needed....pick red and black

Like I said, 1) is what I use....June does some great work.    You may spend a couple of days figuring out
what he did, why he did it, quirks with visio, etc....but once done, save to stencil and use at will in the future.
1) does have the advantage of precision control   aka where you want the vertical leg of a "S" connector.


Regarding Custom line patterns, see attached for quickie example.  Doesn't go into a lot of detail but enough to get you started.  There is a link reference to VisioGuy's sight.  If you haven't seen this, you need to.  He also links to a pair of John Goldsmith articles and examples.  These are also a must.

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Thank you Gents,

Especially Wapperdude and Vojo
Thats huge!