Embedded table character spacing

Started by markthepadrone, October 10, 2013, 03:06:29 PM

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I'm using Visio 10 and Excel 2003.

When I embed a table or create one in Visio as soon as I leave editing, the character spacing goes to zero.

I'm using Arial TT.


I just tried to embed the same table in Word 2003 and it does the same thing.

Any clues?


It even does it when I embed the table in Excel.


I opened an older drawing that has an embedded table and it look fine.
When I double clicked on the embedded table and then elsewhere on the screen, it reduced the spacing to zero.

This is driving me crazy.

Paul Herber

Do you mean Visio 10 (which is also called Visio 2002) or Visio 2010?
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I'm sorry. Visio 2010.

The problem seems unrelated to Visio.
Even when I embed an Excel table into a Word document it does the same thing.