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Started by William_IV, October 01, 2013, 10:42:20 PM

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I am making a template in visio professional.  There is a shape "Zone-4" and "Zone-8" these shapes automatically expand to the sheet size and do not allow you to re-size them.  I am not that familiar with the shapesheet but can someone tell me which function allows you to resize the zone and also which cell would allow me to make the border narrower. I believe these are set at 1/4" I would like to adjust to 3/16" for my template.

Thanks for any help!



After more careful study I noticed you are overlooking the yellow control handles for the zone 4 and 8 shapes..try that.first...duh. Ok so there is a learning curve...you'll eventually get there!  Don't give up dude!

Zone thickness and overall size can be manipulated with the yellow control handles.