Import sequential workflow steps from Excel to create basic process flowchart

Started by GLWhelan, April 19, 2013, 06:45:13 PM

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Just interviewed employees to document exactly what they do for a given task.  I used Excel 2013 to list the process steps for the task in sequential order (top down in one column). 

I need to import these process steps into Visio to create a basic flowchart consisting of only process boxes (process shapes), with the first process listed in Excel (row 1) to be put in the first process box (top) in the Visio flowchart, and so on down the page, all connected by connector lines. 

How can I do this in a quick and simple way, preferably without a bunch of programming.  I have dozens of individual tasks to flowchart and need a easy way to get them out of Excel into Visio.

In older versions of Visio (e.g. 2000), I could simply import my processes from Excel into Visio and it would automatically create my basic flowchart.  Using this method, I simply listed the processes text in column "B", and the type of shape that I wanted to use for the process in the same row in column "C"(from the basic flowchart palette), and then in column "A" I sequentially numbered the rows (process steps) top to bottom, which told Visio the sequence and allowed Visio to connect the shapes in proper order with a connector line.  I need to do this with Excel 2013 and Visio 2010.