copy and paste never paste's centered...?

Started by spyrule, August 06, 2013, 07:07:45 PM

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Hey guys,

I've got an annoying issue. I'm building a very detailed map of my data center, and when I copy and paste, visio 2010 standard always pastes way off, lower right corner of the screen. If im zoomed in, it pastes off screen, and auto-scrolls me to that location.

Is there a way to fix/change/edit this functionality?

I thought they changed the paste to paste centered in 2010 ?


That sounds like normal behavior for V2010, at least, as explained in Visio Guys' book.  I don't have a personal copy of V2010, so I can't offer 1st hand experience.  You can also use Cntl+D to duplicate the shape.  It will be placed to right and down.  Not sure if Visio zooms to this location.  Your zoom factor is probably a significant issue.  In the book, he also describes using Cntl+drag.  The new shape is placed at the drag location.  This might work better for you.  I don't recall any behavior settings though.

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