Author Topic: Newbie help requested - Visio 2013 importing and auto linking data columns  (Read 10078 times)

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Hi I am a Visio newbie that has been given a project and would appreciate some guidance.  I am working in Visio 2013.

Task - Create a visio diagram to show all the options available in a digital questionnaire so for example. Now automate that! Here is an example of the way the data is laid out;

Question 1 has a yes/no choice, select yes and go to Q2 select no and go to Q3.  Each question and option can be expressed numerically.

The basic data I have is an excel spreadsheet with 3 columns (the question id, the option id and the GoTo question number)

What would be the most practical way of importing the data and linking the shapes so that Q1 has 2 connected boxes representing the option id's and then these are connected to the next question id?

I have tried to work through some web tutorials and wizards but nothing seems to be matching what I am trying to do.