Linking Multiple Slide Visio File To Powerpoint Slide

Started by bowhntngbabe, June 28, 2013, 01:33:53 PM

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I have rather large visio files that have several slides that need to be linked to powerpoint slides. The slides need to have editing capabilities in Powerpoint that will automatically update the Visio file being worked on and vice versa. The problem is:

1: In Powerpoint, when I use the insert object route, I cannot pick a specific slide to link, only the entire file is available to link to.

2: In Powerpoint when i use the Copy and Paste Special route, I select edit and CTRL-C  to copy the entire document, Paste Special and the only option I have is to paste Microsoft Visio Drawing Object I do not get the Paste Link option. I insert drawing and file does not automatically update or link to the Visio file.

3: In Visio, I have tried Save as on the slide I want to link and used Insert Object in powerpoint, all slides revert to last slide saved on.

I am very new to Visio (1month user) and asked to be upgraded from 2010 Standard to Pro which I am now using. All the issues and questions I have had have been researched and answered by this forum but this is the first time I am posting a question because I have wasted to many hours trying to find a solution to this. This just seems to be the right place to get an answer. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Figured it out: In Visio select slide/under editing select all/ under arrange select group/Ctrl-C for Copy/
In Powerpoint under Paste/Paste Special/select Paste Link in powerpoint slide.
The link created opens visio where shapes can be edited and reflects in the Powerpoint slide.

I hope this saves someone some research time.