Line with automatic connection point for electronic drawings

Started by Thomas Winkel, June 26, 2013, 01:27:33 PM

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Thomas Winkel


this was an experiment.
I do not like the behaviour and thus will not use it.
But maybe it is useful for someone else.


Edit: Attached new version.

Paul Herber

I understand this is still the preferred format for electronics diagrams in North America.
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -

Thomas Winkel

Yes, it's the same in Europe / Germany.
We have the connection points but not those little bridges.

But that is not the problem.
I do not like the drag & drop behaviour:
When I move an component that is connected to the end of a line, then also the connection point (and thus also the other line segment) moves.

Now I changed the connection behaviour so that lines do not connect to other lines.
The connection points are turned on and off manually be context menu.
This is more work but less annoying.

The problem is that the drawing now is nothing more than a picture.
But I would also like to generate a netlist...

Thomas Winkel


I attached a drawing with all combinations I tested.

Personally I prefer the behaviour of a simple straight line without the "connect to other lines" feature.
Sadly this is a global document setting.

But in fact there is no really good line behaviour for electric diagrams possible in Visio (as far as I know).

Edit: Attachment in first post.