Process Shape with 2 discreet text labels?

Started by Nick, November 18, 2008, 09:44:25 AM

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Hopefully someone has tried to do this before and can point me in the right direction  ;D

I'm using visio to record process maps which have both a reference number and a description. To do this the team are using two stacked process boxes, one small one with the reference number in and a larger one with the process description. This is fine except when it comes to running the report that I use to populate the documents that I associate with the process to which I extract the reference and description. As these are labels from separate objects they are not associated in the resulting report and thus a lot of manual fiddling has to happen to the ouput.

I have tried and failed to design my own shape with two discreet text labels that are both displayed and editable from the main interface and are associated when extracted into a report. Has anyone tried this and had any sucess or has any pointers that may help me?



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Is there any reason the two text items can't be together in the same shape? Perhaps they could be grouped together, their text linked to shape data fields, which could then be accessed by the report...
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