Can Super Utils help?

Started by Michelle, June 12, 2013, 08:53:20 PM

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I am in desperate need to run a certain report, and I wonder if The Super Utility for Visio can help.  I have several stencils that are populated with shapes that all have custom shape data that varies depending on choices made when placing the shapes.  For example, a shape may actually represent 20 different parts depending on the description the chosen when placing the shape. 

In order to keep these shapes updated with our most current parts, I need to be able to run a report on the entire stencil.  That is, I need a report showing each option within each shape.  Currently I do this by placing each shape however many times is necessary to account for each option, then I manually go to each shape on the page and select each option in turn.  When a stencil can have up to 10-15 shapes and each shape can have up to 20 or so choices within, this can be VERY time consuming.

I have played and played and played with the Visio Extras and Database export wizards and have not found a good way to accomplish my goal that way.  I also have tried using the Print ShapeSheet option in the SDK Tools top no avail.  I want to be able to run a report of the shapes and get ALL the info out of the shape, not just the option that the user has chosen....

I hope my long explaination has made things clear... Now I wonder (before I try to get my boss to pay or pony up the money myself) will the Super Util help?  I know there is a free trial, but something tells me I could burn thru the 30 free tries in no time and still not have figured out how to accomplish my goal.   ;)


Paul Herber

Hello Michelle, sorry, for something so specific only customised code will do the job, my utilities cannot do so. However, it may be possible for me to use the utilities as a base for creating a personalised version for you including a suitable report for you.
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