Converting a process flow in Visio to an Org Structure format in Visio

Started by ssithalpersad, May 21, 2013, 02:18:06 PM

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Good day

I hope someone can help. I am busy at a client validating organisational structures but i first need to convert the visio into excel and then progamatically do a check. The problem is that the visio is not in the correct org format meaning that when i convert it to excel it does not dintinguish between the employee, supervisor, designation and reporting lines. The end user used the "process flow "visio option to create the Org structure. Is there any way that i can take this Org structure that was created using process flow diagrams and quickly convert it to org structure diagrams in visio so that my output from visio to excel will be correct.

Please assist if you can urgently.

Thak you.