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Started by john.monroe, May 03, 2013, 07:24:03 PM

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I am tying to make heads and tails out of the following VBA Example and make it useful for powershell.

What I want to do is group some named shapes once i have created them on the page.

Here is my first pass.  It does not work and I am confused on why?  Can anyone assist me?

   $visio = New-VisioApplication

   #Open an existing template
   $ftdr_template = Open-VisioDocument "c:\temp\yourvsdtemplate.vst"

   #open a stencil
   $ftdr_stencil = Open-VisioDocument c:\temp\visio\dynamic\ftdr_stencil.vss

   $master1 = Get-VisioMaster "master.21" $ftdr_stencil
   $Shape1 = New-VisioShape $master1 -Points 4,5.2
   $master2 = Get-VisioMaster "master.22" $ftdr_stencil
   $Shape2 = New-VisioShape $master1 -Points 6,5.2

   $Selection = Get-VisioPage -ActivePage
   $Selection = $shape1, $visDeselectAll + $visSelect
   $Selection = $shape2, $visSelect
   $groupshape = $


With VisioPS it works like this:

Import-Module VisioPS
$visio = New-VisioApplication
$doc = New-VisioDocument
$stencil = Open-VisioDocument "basic_u.vss"

$master1 = Get-VisioMaster "Rounded Rectangle" $stencil

#Drop multiple shapes at the same time
$shapes = New-VisioShape $master1 -Points 1,5.2,3,5.2,5,5.2

#Ensure that Nothing is Selected - just to demonstrate this feature
Select-VisioShape -Operation None

#Select the first and third shapes dropped
Select-VisioShape -Shapes $shapes[0],$shapes[2]

# Group the selected shapes
$g1 = New-VisioGroup

# Ungroup them
Remove-VisioGroup -Shapes $g1

# Group by specifying the shapes (ignore whatever is selected)
$g1 = New-VisioGroup -Shapes $shapes[0],$shapes[1]