The resulting shape is too complex. Visio Combine.

Started by gunslingor, March 27, 2013, 03:14:38 PM

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I'm really starting this thread to help other googlers find a solution to this problem, nothing directly related could I find but I did solve the problem.

The issue was that I created a detailed floor plan using visio's Maps and floor plans>building plan>walls, doors, etc... stencils. Then what I wan't to do was either group or combine them so that I could easily move, resize and place things on top of them... such as physical security perimeters, security cameras, etc...

Problems with grouping:
1. The bouding box was huge and couldn't be fixed, probably due to the coding behind the walls, doors, etc shapes.

Problems with combine:
1. "The resulting shape is too complex. " if you tried to combine to many at once.
2. occationally combining small portions would result in the dimensions sticking and being shown persistently, when they are only really supposed to be shown when selected.

There were other issues I experienced, but they are hard to quantify or remember.

The solution:
1. Backup your file
2. File>save as> autoCAD drawing
3. File>new blank document
4. In the new file, go to the ribbon Insert>CAD Drawing... select the CAD file and its imported as a sort of Meta Object type thingy.
5. Select the dropped CAD drawing... then under CAD Drawing Object, select convert. The CAD file is now converted back to visio, but it appears that a lot of the shape code is gone, so the dimensions aren't shown at all. It also appears to have fixed a few other problems.

Once you do this, you should be able to group shapes without any problem.

EDIT: the resulting file size is smaller than the original... good.