Importing Excel Workbook Into visio

Started by turtlr, June 13, 2012, 10:03:28 AM

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Hi all,

Im taking over a a data dictionary project built in an excel spreadsheet. Its quite complex and has multiple inputs from multiple sources. Is there anyway that I can import an excel spreadsheet into Visio and populate a flow chart or an accurate visualization of the data (without using code). Im not a programmer !!

The data is financial type data with interdependancies between workbooks (im not too concerened about the interdependacies outside of the main data dictionary as its a consolidated representation of all the data). Im trying to represent this data visually in terms of flow and relationship.

Any guidance help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



Unfortunately that beyond the basics and would probably require some code. The one think I'd investigate is if the data can be changed into a pivot table (an excel exercise) to provide the visualization you need. If that can be done, pivot tables are importable in the professional versions.


If this is still an issue: did you try using powerpivot for excel? That should allow you visualizing the dependencies and make things more clear.
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