include image file as part of complex shape, and modify it

Started by dzugel, November 11, 2008, 07:57:20 PM

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I have a shape made up of 4 sub-shapes, 3 text boxes and one image.

Custom properties - linked to an ODBC Excel workbook for data - are updated automatically when the shape is dropped on a page.

I want to update it to add a new customer property, call it Image Name, that will store the name of an external image file that is to be loaded, resized, and made a part of the original shape when it is dropped on a page. The shape needs to retain all its custom properties and remain a complex shape made up of these 4 sub-shapes.

I found and tested a number of examples that allow you to change an image on a page, but so far I've been unsuccessful in loading and associating the new image with a group of sub-shapes while retaining the original custom properties. Can you suggest any way to code this complex behavior? Existing code triggers in the Shape Added routine.