Off-Page Connectors, other options

Started by gunslingor, March 20, 2013, 07:19:14 PM

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Hey all, I don't really like the Visio off/on-page connectors. The circle version wastes too much space and doesn't break when test overflows. The arrow version would be ok if only you could make it longer, not bigger. The other versions are just weird.

What I'm looking for is an on/off page connector more in line with what an engineer might use. Here's an example, used by autocad and smartplant designers quite often:

I'm really looking for options, either default visio shapes or custom shapes that others have used for the purposes of off/on-page connectors. What type of info do you typically include? I just want a discussion with lots of links and/or some file postings with recommended shapes... discuss


Not a single suggestion or sample file after all this time? I am seriously surprised no one has tried something different than the default shapes Microsoft intends for us to use.


the issues with the off-page that have been brought up before were rarely on the aesthetics of the shape, but focused on the functionality. David Parker did some work on that over here