Connector Has Bends Even When I Draw It Straight

Started by hughmcc, January 24, 2013, 04:36:32 PM

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I write technical descriptions of refining processes and include a flow diagram for the learner to follow.  For some reason in Visio 2010, when i want to draw a straight line with a connector, after 0.26", the connector's length does not snap to the grid; only the ends.  This creates a lot of problems since i have to go back and individually move the center handle to get it to line up.  The "flow" arrowhead that would show a fluid flow entering a vessel is 90 degrees off as a result until I straighten the line.  See the illustration included (I hope)

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Hi Hugh,

Not sure exactly what you're doing, why you need to draw straight connectors in space. Usually connectors are used to connect shapes together.

Anyway, here's some options:

1. Use the Line tool to create your lines
2. Hold down the Shift key when using the Connector tool. This will constrain the connector to horizontal, vertical and 45-degree lines.
3. Right-click the connector and choose "Straight Connector". Work with duplicates of this connector.
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Process flow sheets have input "flows" starting from edge of diagram and then terminating on the side of a vessel.  They also have process flows that are outputs that terminate on the edge of the diagram that end with and arrow.  i have used Visio for the last 8 years and this has never been a problem and has significant impact. 
In a process flow diagram there are many lines that cross and connectors are perfect for that since we have "jumps". 
During the process of laying out a process diagram, vessels and instrumentaion gets rearranged many times;  straight lines are totally labor intensive for that since some vessels may have 20 different connections and the connectors are rubber bands that may need some minor adjustment but nothing like a fixed shape of straight lines. 
The main point is there is an error or change in the programming that was not there before. 
It is not always convenient to glue a line and works better to just let it snap.  My 8 years have been narrowly focused in this area of use and it was immediately apparent to me that something had changed.  Attached is a simple system where the flow and instrument lines  are all connectors.  Jumps are "gaps" for the instruments.  The second attachment is a very simple example of un-corrected lines.


oops..problem with first attachment to last post.  will redo


I should note the last pdf is just an example of what types of diagrams are produced and did NOT have problems (I corrected them)corrected


My IT department recently "upgraded" me to Visio 2010 (from 2007), and I've been bitten by this bug as well. If I draw a simple connector in space between two points, it turns into a U-shape, dropped down between the two endpoints, and I need to drag it back up to be straight again.

Is there a way to get lines to get the half-circle crossings that connectors have?