Author Topic: Visio 2013 EventDblClick cannot invoke VSL Add-On  (Read 5602 times)

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Visio 2013 EventDblClick cannot invoke VSL Add-On
« on: January 21, 2013, 07:41:10 PM »
I think I have run into a bug in Visio 2013. I have an application where users can create networks using special symbols. The symbols have properties that are displayed and edited by VSL defined functions. For example, the VSL has a function called "Normal" that is used to edit the properties of nodes of type "Normal". I have the formula '=RUNADDON("Normal")' in the EventDblClick, EventDrop, and in the Action cell of a row in the Actions section. When I drop a "Normal" unto a page or when I select the action from the context menu, I get the VSL invoked. However, when I double-click the shape nothing happens. This behaviour is only in Visio 2013. On all prior versions of Visio, double-clicking invokes my VSL function. I have another similar application coded in VBA, and in that case, Visio 2013 correctly invokes the VBA code when double-clicked. So it seems that the problem is in the link between EventDblClick and a VSL defined Add-On. Is there an official place were I can report this bug to Microsoft? Thanks.