Connector Spacing, Parallel Lines

Started by gunslingor, January 16, 2013, 01:28:16 PM

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Is there an easy way to make this look nice? Anything automated preferably, but manual if necessary... I have maybe 30 different areas of the drawing that looks like this and I'd like be able to set, like, a minimum distance between lines or something.



PageSetup => Layout and Routing => Spacing


I played around with this real quickly and have a thought:
If the lines have to be connectors (say, to have auto line jumps) then draw one of the right angle connectors with the rounded corner radius and line weight options that match your picture.  Then do the "offset" command for that line, putting in the desired spacing.  Two parallel non-connector lines will be generated.  Then use connector tool with "never reroute" and snap and glue set for "shape geometry" and "shape vertices" to trace the offset lines and then delete the underlying non-connector lines.  Then do the offset action again on the outer lines and go through the whole tedious process again realizing that the innermost new offsetline will not be used for anything.

When i just used offset with regular lines (not connectors) the corner radii were parallel and looked a lot nicer and takes much less time.