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Started by dkcorreia, January 12, 2013, 12:34:43 AM

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I am very new to Visio and I want to get started creating data graphics.  I have attached an example of what I am hoping to do.  Can anyone point to an example or some resources that can help me learn how to do this?  I get about 200 of these 4 times a year and if I can automate this process it would be life changing.  Many thanks for any suggestions.


You should create the block shape with the pin's and with textfields for each pin and group everyrthing to one big shape.
Create a ShapeData or UserDefined cell in the main-shape for each pin, where you can place information, either simple boolean like User.A_Enabled and so on, or fields with values like (17:0).

Place formulas in the line thickness cell of the pins, depending on the value of the matching enabled-cell in the main shape.
If the values like (17:0) have to be displayed in the textfields, you have to go into such a textfield, then Insert->Field->User defined cell-> the matching userdefiend cell from the main shape.

When the shape is prepared you need a custom VBA-Code that reads and parses your textfile and fills the values of the main shape.


Thanks Jumpy.  That is very helpful. I have some work to do.  I appreciate you taking the time to reply. :)