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Started by Nunzy83, December 26, 2012, 08:44:14 PM

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Hello all.

I have a floor plan linked with external data. One of the column is an occupancy column showing vacant seats, Team A, Team B etc.  Is there a way to create a Data Bar to show the count of each of the sub field, ie the Vacant seats, or Team A? Or to show the count of Team A vs. Team B?

In the Data Field I am only able to choose Occupancy in the drop down but I can not choose the details of the occupancy which is the actual data I want to visualize.

Thanks for your help!


Are these fields separate columns in the same row (the floor row) or separate rows in the worksheet? If they are separate columns in a specific row then each of the should be selectable (visio works at a row level when assigning shape data to a shape).


Hi Al,

Yes I realized yesterday that I have to identify each group with a new column in order for Visio to recognize.

My floor plan is now color coordinated with the color of each group/Column from Excel. Is there a way to show something that shows a count of each group in one area sort of like a legend but shows a count of each seat and who it belongs to? I can't figure out if this is even possible by to count by column name or by color of the shape (from the color by value).

Basically I am wanting to visualize the data of the map on a summary showing X seats Occupied, X seats Vacant etc. automatically without having to count manually. Can Visio count? or would this something I have to add to the excel and then to Visio?



The 'guru' of this data matching IMHO is David Parker. My belief is to keep process's in the tools that handle them best, so in this case I'd build the total/averaging into a worksheet range and then link that to a shape that I could apply data graphics to (so it looks pretty). David has an interesting article on his blog on how to link ranges to shapes.