Creating custom line ends to use with connectors

Started by amundin, December 07, 2012, 09:17:53 AM

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I have been trying to figure out how to create a custom line end to use with a connector and I am having real difficulties figuring it out.

I am trying to create a line end which acts and looks very much like Line End #38, which consists of a ball and a diamond shape connected to each other.  The variation I want to create is to have a square with an arrow pointing into the square.  I want the lines to change thickness with the thickness of the connector.  I want to be able to change the size of the line end from Medium, to Large/Jumbo/Colossal/etc.  Basically I want this new line end to behave just like line end #38 (or #43) but with different geometric figures.

I have read the articles about how to use the drawing explorer to add a new Line End Pattern.  This is just not working out.  Per instructions I am not checking the "Scaled" attributes because I want it to change with the line thickness.  However, this results in a miniscule line end that can't even be seen with the default connector line thickness.

I did figure out how to adjust the Alignment Box, but that in itself was a major pain to get done.

I am using Visio 2007.

Why is this so difficult to accomplish using Visio?  I made this happen using OmniGraffle in less than 30 minutes, research included, and I am not even a regular OmniGraffle user.  I have used Visio for years and I need to use this with Visio.

I would greatly appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance,

These are some of the links I have researched: