Author Topic: Data Graphics - is there a way to change the default text (font, size, etc.)?  (Read 4634 times)

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I'm using data graphics to display a lot of TEXT information in visio ... the default font is absurdly small. 

We want to use visio shapes linked to data in SharePoint via the data graphics functionality to display a "dashboard" of project information. We have multiple shapes with multiple data graphics applied, using various callouts, but a key component is the text callout to simply display a specific label (one field in each row of data contains a label that we need to be prominently displayed). 

The default font of the text callout in the standard available data graphics is too small ... so far, all I've figured out how to do is to change the type settings one object at a time (i.e., after the data graphic is applied to the shape, right click on the text callout element in the shape and select 'Format->Text').  I want a larger default font to be embedded in the DG itself so that I can simply apply the DG to a whole page of shapes so they will use the same large font without me having to manually edit each shape one at a time.

Is this possible?