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Started by gunslingor, November 07, 2012, 12:58:14 PM

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I am wondering what effect having excessive connection points has. Specifically as related to saving as a webpage has, but also int he general vsd format and others. Should I spend a few weeks deleting all the unused connection points on my drawing, or will this have no noticable effect on how fast the page loads, file size, etc.

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I guess I will chime in

- if the shape is complex and you want to define lots of connector points as specific locations.....can be extremely tedious in the shapesheet
  (for example...take a circle and define 36 connector points - every 10 degrees - ..well that takes alot of typing)

- if you have connector points tied to a subshape in a group, you need set the "child" cell (dont recall exact name) for the connector point
  to come thru

- if you want to tie multiple shapes together with connector ponts...only can do 2
  (take 3 "squares" that would form the faces of a iso cube....put connector points on each.....for each shape, only 1 connector point enforced)
  (in essence....can not do any sort of "lego" construction)

- file size and such does not seem to grow too much