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Started by Marcusu, November 01, 2012, 06:19:09 AM

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Hello All,
I am putting together a Systems Integration Diagram and would like some help on  using pop-ups or callouts from Shapes to hold additonal information.
The aim of my diagram is to show various systems in an organisation and where they interface to eachother. I'd also like to show detail of each interface - eg Frequency, Data interfaced, Interface type etc.
To prevent the diagram from becoming too cluttered with this information - I have used  the Shape Data function to show this. This is not ideal for a couple of reasons - it's not that easy to get access - you need to right click on the shape, and you can't show the Shape Data on a printed version of the document.
Question I have is - does anyone know of any other options for showing extra information as a pop-up on a shape other than Shape Data?
Many thanks,


You can always hyperlink to the data. The advantages (MS Word as an example) are you can have significantly more data in the external source and the creator/manager does not require Visio skills to keep it updated, you can also have multiple hyperlinks to different documents (data schemas, interfaces, operations, etc.).


You can add a double click action which pops up the Shape Data.

In the shapesheet:

Scroll down to "Events"
Under "Events" is a field called "EventDblClick"
Change this value to: "=DOCMD(1312)"
This should bring up the Shape Data Properties.

You can also change the Shape Data field Ask=TRUE when you drop the shape onto the page.

You can display Shape Data fields by editing the master shape's text box and go to Insert->Field. Select Shape Data under Category. Then the field name you want to display. Now when you change that Shape Data field in properties it displays in the text box you use for the shape.


note:  you can extend scotts reply to present subset of properties

  - add actions for subsections of interest (physical properties, logical properties, etc)
    setf(getref(actions1.checked), if(action1.checked = 1, 0, 1)) + docmd(1312)
  - in each props entry, set the hidden to something like  if(actions1.checked=1, 0, 1)
  - in each props entry, set order to something like first prop = "AAA"  second = "BBB"  (so you can add more later)

  - right click shape
  - select view  (say physicial properties)
    This will select subsection and present the properties for that subsction