Repeating a shape with defined spacing

Started by woodi57, October 19, 2012, 04:43:03 PM

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I would like to create a drawing with .25" circles on .75" centers. I need around 100 holes and am looking for a way to easily do this.

Paul Herber

Create 1 shape, duplicate (Control-D) 4 times, now select all 5, duplicate 3 times, select all 20, duplicate 4 times, that will give you your 100 shapes.
Make sure all your 100 shapes are well within the 100 inch maximum length you need.
Assuming you are laying out the shapes in a line, left to right (or right to left), put one shape at the left-hand limit of where you want the shapes, put one shape at the right-hand limit.
Select all the shapes, then
menu Shape -> Align Shapes
select the alignment type you need, then click OK
then menu Shape -> Distribute Shapes
You probably want Horizontal distribution.

(Visio 2010: ribbon Home -> Position)
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Another way is to use the Array shapes add-on.  But, I believe it's availability is version dependent, i.e., it's not available in the basic Visio package.

Here's where to look:

V2010:  Ribbon>View>Macros>Add-on>Visio Extras>Array Shapes

V2003, V2007:  menu bar>Tools>Add-on>Visio Extras>Array Shapes.

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