Backward Compatability 2010 - Cross functional flowchart 2007

Started by darci, October 18, 2012, 03:22:37 PM

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During the course of a project, we developed 200 - 300 visio diagrams utilizing the Cross Functional Flowchart template in visio 2007. The workflows will be utilized for the next 3 - 5 years. Currently, the organization is upgrading to visio 2010 and the users that have been upgraded get the "The diagram <name> contains a cross-functional flowchart that has been updated to work with Visio 2010, which means it cannot be edited by earler versions of Visio after you save the document." The title of each workflow disappeared and the actual workflow shapes now all appear in a section above the first swim lane....nothing is in the swim lanes, it is all above.  I understand that 2010 is not backward compatible. If we want the workflows to look correct, do we need to open and save them in 2010 and then fix them all?



What I've read in this forum Visio2010 should be able to open/read/convert older (Visio2007) crossfunctional flowcharts just fine. But when you save such a drawing in 2010 you should not be able to use it in Visio 2007 again, because in 2010 it get's converted using "containers", a feature that is not part of Visio2007. So not backwards compatible means you can't open/use 2010 flowcharts in 2007.

But your problem sounds to be the other way round?


When I open the 2007 cross functional flowchart in 2010 the format is very different...the flowchart shapes do not appear within the swim lanes. Is there a way to retain the appropriate formatting?