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Started by gunslingor, October 18, 2012, 04:49:52 PM

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I've got a very complex network diagram that has maybe 200 devices on a 34x48 inch page. Lots of lines running all over the place, very densly packed in some areas. All my shapes are 3D with lines running in to connection points at random. I'd like to hear some suggestions for adding port numbers to this diagram. There are a number of problems to deal with depending on the actual solution.

I've thought of using a circle with a number in it and just cutting the lines near the shape to indicate the port number of that line. But this will cause issues. Specifically, some lines are just too densly packed together to add the shape; also this just adds a hell of a lot of complexity to the drawing and maintenance will be more difficult. I've thought of using text boxs but then these won't move when I move lines (unless I used the lines text box... but I'd need one on both ends). I've also thought of using the circle shape, but making it an elongated oval so I can just put cable tagging data in there far away from the shape if space is an issue.

I have heard I could do it behind the scenes and connect a DB to the drawing, the DB would house the cable schedule and would pop of the relevant data when the cable was clicked on... but I don't have much experience linking DBs with Visio and, in the end, my drawing may end up being connected to a configuration manager (maybe as a pdf overlay) so this might be pointless.

Everyone in my organization is fine with not showing port numbers and just dealing with that through the configuration manager, except for one guy... I'm trying to make him happy, so I am looking for additional suggestions/examples.



Should the number always be visible or is it enough, to click/point/hoover over a cable and the port number get's displayed as ShapeData or Tool-Tip?


Hmmm.... that would probably work perfectly if that same functionality carried over to a pdf printout of the diagram.


OK. I thought that erveryone who looks at that has Visio. Don't think that will propagate to PDF. But you could insatall the VisioViewer or you could use SaveAsWeb to put it to HTML. Afaik Tool-Tips will propagate to HTML.

If you have to stay with PDF and your lines are to close together to add the number as a text somewhere on the line, you can maybe use somekind of color coding sheme.