Text alignment/wrapping on large shapes

Started by ballonabwehr, October 13, 2012, 10:35:09 AM

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It seems that Visio can not handle text alignment on large shapes.
Change page size to 100 x 100 meters.
Draw a shape with the size 10 x 10 meters.
Change its text to "Hello world".
Change text size to 1000 pt.
Change text alignment to center.
=> The text is always placed on the left side. Additionally, the text uses more than one line.
Any suggestions? Downscaling / using page scale is not an option for me.


The problem is repeatable on Visio2007.

The problem can be "solved" if you keep the drawing size to some reasonable value, e.g., 200mm x 200mm and set the drawing scale to something like 1mm = 500mm.  The drawing page will now be 100m x 100m.  Draw the square at 10m x 10m as before.  But, now when you enter text, 12 pt will be fine to fill the square with "Hello World" and the text behaves as expected.

If you really want to print something 100m x 100m would take an exceptional printer, but, it should still print to that size assuming you set the printer correctly.

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