Centre of gravity of several shapes

Started by Paul Herber, November 03, 2008, 12:58:05 PM

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Paul Herber

Imagine 3 shapes, each has a weight value, where is the 2D centre of gravity or balance point for these shapes?

Each of the 3 squares has a custom property called "Weight", this value is also displayed in a field as the shape's text. Don't edit the text, change the Weight value.
If you move the square shapes around the page the the Cross will move to indicate the balance point of the other shapes.

(Edited 06/Jan/2018 to add attachment as original file that was pointed to no longer exists)
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Nifty Paul!   ;)

P.S.:  To change the weight, right click the shape > select Shape on the pop-up menu > Custom Properties.  At least, that's how it shows up for me.
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