Can't adjust swimlanes in cross-functional after emailing

Started by wlee, October 02, 2012, 04:50:16 PM

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I created a cross-functional flowchart and when I email to others they are not able to adjust the size of the swimlanes.

I got a visio file emailed to me and noticed the same thing. What do I do to enable that functionality? And why is this happening?



Hmmmm.  That's not normal  behavior...

Which version of Visio?
How did you create the email?  From within Visio or thru the email app and attach the file?  Have to ask this question:  Is the attachment a Visio file or a pdf or something else?

As a test, you can open up your original in Visio, then, send it to yourself from within Visio, as an Visio file attachment.  The received file should open as a normal Visio doc with all features intact.

A 2nd test, again, sending to yourself, open your email app, search for the Visio file and attach it to the email.  Then, again, the received attachment should maintain all of the Visio features.

Sorry if this repeats whatever steps you may have tried.

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Just to add to Wapperdude's questions ... is the drawing editable other than that? Can you still add new shapes, delete them, move them etc?
Does the cross-functional menu/ribbon still appear?
Are you and the other person using the same version of Visio? You can't mix Visio 2010 and earlier versions.

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