Shape color corruption -text/fill color turns white/black

Started by rhay999, September 06, 2012, 11:16:28 AM

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I'd be very grateful if someone can help with this.

I have a Visio diagram with several hundred shapes linked via external data to a spreadsheet.

Shape data (including fill_color and text_color) is exported via data/reports to the spreadsheet then the spreadsheet is linked back to the diagram.

I sometimes get corruption of the text and/or fill colors when saving the diagram. Some shape fills and text will change color magninally and others turn to black or white.

e.g. Fill_color on a shape is given a number of 169 (light green) and exported. It can be changed to an RGB color or remain at 169 in the spreadsheet. Visio is refreshed which works fine. However, when saving the diagram the fill color of the shape can corrupt to say black but the Fill_color value still remains at code 169.

1) I have a feeling that issue occurs because the color could be a non standard color which Visio can misinterpret. Is this possible? Should only "standard" colors be used?
2) Can Visio corrupt diagrams ramdomly?
3) Is there a color conversion for the color codes output by Visio to RGB?

Thanks v. much.