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Started by einstein9073, August 13, 2012, 05:50:37 PM

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I'm trying to create a reference for myself for bee breeding in the Forestry addon for Minecraft, and I'd like a connector that could intelligently link together three shapes together to indicate inheritance.

Here's the information I'm trying to illustrate: "Short" version; there's about 6 types of bees that you can obtain in the wild, the other 19 strains have to be bred yourself. For instance, you can find Forest bees in the forest, and Meadows bees in the plains; if you crossbreed a Forest and Meadows bee, you have a chance to get a Common bee. Then you can get a Cultivated bee if you crossbreed the Common back with a Forest or Meadows bee.

My idea is to create a shape for each strain of bee, with connectors indicating the different breeding options: The inheritance connector would link the Forest & Meadows shape together and point to the Common shape, then there would be a Forest + Common -> Cultivated and a Meadows + Common -> Cultivated link, and etc etc etc.

I can get a start with the built-in connector, but they act strange when I drag shapes around; if I add a middle shape they get downright dumb.

Is there a good way to get the built-in connector to do this?
Is there a connector / shape I can download for this purpose?


There should be a whole stencil full with any kind of connectors that ships with Visio. Maybe you should look it up first, if there's any connector you can use. In older versions of Visio you can open stencil via the menu:
File->Shapes-> Select or Browse for a stencil


Ah, I see the ones you mean. It's not quite what I'm looking for, though. The Double tree square or Double tree slope connectors (Visio Extras -> Connectors) are close, but there's an issue.

The standard Visio connector moves and reroutes itself around obstacles and tries to keep your drawing neat and tidy, even when you move shapes around. The double-tree connectors don't really do that, as the center point doesn't move around to a better place if you rearrange the shapes to which it's bound.

This ends up having the same issues as using three vanilla connectors and a helper shape, with the side effect of being unattractive at the same time. Do you know of a three-ended connector that doesn't have this superfluous point? 


There's only one dynamic connector (even if it can sometimes look different (LineStyle, Color, ...)) and that has only 2 ends. Sorry.