[SOLVED] Curved Connectors - Visio 2010

Started by Rage-a-Saurus Rex, August 12, 2012, 05:36:12 PM

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Rage-a-Saurus Rex

Can someone point me to a tutorial or where I can read in more depth how to make these types of lines? I've been able to create one end of the line as it is in this image; however, I'm having trouble getting the other end to appear the same without messing up the other end. Thanks in advance!

Rage-a-Saurus Rex

After some playing around, I figured out how to do this.

  • Make sure the connector is configured as a 'Straight-Connector'
  • Click the line
  • While holding the CTRL key, select the mid-point handle and drag the line up or down. This will bisect the line, creating two new mid-points and converting the original connector mid-point to a 'Adjust Corner' handle.
  • Adjust the line to your needs by holding the CTRL key down when moving the mid-point and adjust corner handles