Can you make a Visio 2007 file open, by default, on the same page each time?

Started by trout58, August 03, 2012, 01:17:25 AM

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I have generated a large (50+ page) Visio 2007 Business Process flowchart to reflect the Project Management life cycle process we use in the organisation I work for.
By default Visio always opens on the page you were last active in. 
This file needs to be accessed by multiple users and what I want to achieve; for training consistency with these users, is to have the file always open on the same page.
That is, one of the pages is the Main Menu page for the whole file; when any user opens the file I want it to ALWAYS open on the Mian Menu page.  Is this possible and if so how do i do it.
Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!


Two ways:

1) In VBA. In ThisDocument modul. Choose the DocumentClosed-(or BeforeClose?)-Event. Set the page you want as ActivePage, Save and Close the Document.

2) In VBA. In ThisDocument modul. Choose the DocuemtOpened event and set the page you want as active page.


Hi Jumpy
Thanks very much for your prompt reply.

I should have said I'm pretty much Macro & Visual Basic iliterate meaning I was only able to get as far as the attached screen shot.  The page title/name, in the document, I want Visio to always open at (i.e. Active page), is MM.  What script / SQL should i be writing for this to activate?

Attached screen shots


Best use the Document Opened Event and try:

ActiveWindow.Page = ActiveDocument.Pages.ItemU("MM")


Hi Jumpy

That worked an absolute treat mate it is opening on my menu page each time which is exactly what I wanted.  As a follow-up, I was hoping you might be able to advise me on the following:

It would appear the only protection you can apply to a Visio file is to save it as Read Only?  Ideally I would like to apply protection to the Visio pages / sheets in the same way you can apply the Protect Sheet option in Excel i.e. password to unprotect and edit; users cannot change anything even if they save a copyof the file.  Is there anyway of doing this in Visio?

Can you / is there a way, of hiding the 'page name tab bar' at the bottom of a Visio Drawing i.e. to prevent the user from randomly selecting a page.  The reason I ask this is the Project Management business process drawing I have developed is in access of 55 pages, many of which relate to multiple process paths.  I have adopted use of double click link buttons at the top and bottom of each page to ensure the user only goes forward (or back) to those pages that relate to the particular process path he/she has chosen (there are Main Menu link buttons on each page as well).  The page name tab bar is primarily codes that won't mean much to the user anyway but I though if there was a way of "hiding" the bar then it removes the option of the user randomly opening pages where it would be of no value to them and probably en up confusing them more than anything??


To 1:
I don't know that there's a global protection scheme for the whole page. You can protect individual shapes from moving, rezising, deleting,... but that's all. You can even write some code, that activates or deactivated that protection, but that's it.

Edit: Just found this on the web:

To 2:
Don't know either, if that is possible. A workarround could be, to make all pages invisible, beacuse the Tab for an invisible page is not displayed in the tab bar. You would than need code again, that makes a certain page visible, when you "jump" to it (and make the page you jumped from invisible).

Maybe it could be an option for you to use the export to Web feature and store the public accessible part of this whole thing as a bunch of Webseites in the intranet?


Hi Jumpy

Apologies for my tardiness in getting back to you and thanking yo for your ongoing support.  Everything seems to be progessing very well with this document and I am close to publishing it for users to evaluate and comment on.

What I was hoping yo might be able to help with is:
I have protected the document and saved as read only to avoid any chnages whatsoever; however, in its published state I particularly wanted it to present to the user in a "clean" window view.  That is I want it to appear as shown in attachment 1, which I achieved buy turning of all the toolbars (except the Main Menu) as well as the Rulers, Grids etc and also hiding the sidebar Shape Window.

However, despite going into everything I can possibly find in options and toolbars etc, when I close the document and re-open it it loads back up as displayed in attachment 2.  That is, the Shape Window re-appears as do the  Adobe and Review Toolbars.  Am I missing something..........why is everything else staying hidden except these three items????
I tried Help and Google without any luck...........your advice would be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards