Linking diagram to database

Started by squidwurrd, August 03, 2012, 04:45:28 PM

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When you connect a diagram to a sql data source after you select the rows and columns you I get a message that says:

Importing large amounts of data may negatively impact performance and increase file size. It is recommeneded that you filter the data to only include the rows and columns you intend to use in this diagram.

Would you like to configure additional column and row filters?

I want to know if the performace spoken about in the message is going to effect the local machine running visio or the sql server.


The performance hit is on the local machine. All of the rows/columns that you query end up as datarecordsets imported into the document. My personal preference is to create a view with the bare minimum of data actually required to be applied against the shapes (the entire datarecord that is imported is applied to shapedata even if only one column is required).