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Started by Bry, August 02, 2012, 11:29:49 AM

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Unable to refresh data link between Visio file and Excel file
and am unable to delete link(ed) connections that have failed.

Have created a Visio 2007 file with a quantity of sheet, and templates,...... showing a Business Organisation, Applications, and Processes. 
Key items have Shape Data enabled.

Have created an Excel 2007 file with the first column matching Shape Name  e.g. " Order handling", with additional information in other Columns e.g. Who: "Customer Relationship Management".
Excel file cell contents included numbers, text, and internet addresses.
Excel spreadsheet & Visio file are both in local C: drive same folder.
The Excel file was then CLOSED.

Made the link between the two, and the data in Excel has been populated into matching Visio shape.

Closed the computer down.

Restated the computer, and Visio.

Tried to refresh data, and error message viewed was "Unable to Connect."

-   Could create a new link to populate Shape Data, which would be Number 9. 

-   Have tried saving the file in different formats, and using Visio 2007 & Visio 2010, to no avail.

-   Could save file as XML, and then use Visual Studio to delete the Application links at end of file, but there must be an easier way.

Any suggestions as to how to have only one data link, which enables the correct information to be associated to the shapes?

Regards, Bry


a couple of questions first. Are both files (drawing and excel) on the same system as Visio? Is any of this (including your workstation profile) on/associated with a network drive? The association/connection between the two may also be stored in a .ODC (office data connection) file. You might check this out to see if one exists for your defined connection.



Thank you for the prompt response.

Visio, and Excel are running (virtually) locally, with all files saved locally on my P.C.
Will investigate the .ODC suggestion.

Regards, Bry