Reorder Rows in a shape sheet???

Started by kebo, May 07, 2008, 03:46:42 PM

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I have a number of custom properties in the Shape Data section of the shape sheet and would like to control the order of them. Is it possible to move the rows up or down in a section? I can add rows with a right click, and see the 'Insert Row After' choice, but it's grey'ed out.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.


As far as i know you cannot reorder them, maybe with a macro that runs true them...
You can however order them, that will not change the order in the shapesheet but it will order them in any other location users can put in data. You can use the "SortKey" field for that. Don't know if that will do what you are looking for.....

- Lars-Erik



I knew about the SortKey field, but need a bit more control over the sort process. I think I will be trying to export the shape stencil to xml, then modify it from there. Has anyone tried this approach?

Visio Guy

Hi Kevin,

You can re-order User-cells and Shape Data rows by editing Visio for xml files (.vdx, .vsx, .vtx)

I haven't done by hand in quite a while, because I use a utility to get it done.

If you buy Graham Wideman's excellent Visio Development book: Visio 2003 Developer's Survival Pack you can download a bevy of tools, code and examples that relate to the book. One of these is an xml-row-reordering tool. You don't really have to even know about the xml side of it. The tool presents you an interface, and you drag the rows to where you want them. Very cool!

If you do it by hand, you'll be editing the indices of the ShapeSheet rows. You'll just want to check that formulas in the xml aren't somehow referring to those indices. I don't think that they do, but try a copy first and make sure that formulas haven't been totally whacked by your re-ordering :)
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