Swimlane diagram - how to click the graphic for an instructional text popout

Started by rlntel, April 07, 2012, 01:54:54 PM

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My task has been to post our business processes, created using Visio 2007 swimlanes, to our website. One option is to use SharePoint, but my instructions were to create a way where users could click a figure in the swimlane diagram and a small window would pop with a description of the chosen step, so each diagram I "Saved as a Web Page" and then edited the vml_1.htm file's onclick property to pop the little window with instructions.

Is there a better way?

One problem is that when the user clicks the background diagram the little instruction window goes away, or if I set the onblur script for the instruction window if a new diagram figure is click the instructions don't change. Ugh!

How can I achieve both of these things and have the diagram viewable from a browser? Not all of our users and visitors will have Visio.

Thanks, RLN