Author Topic: Display all object connection points in a shape or group at the same time  (Read 1544 times)

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Hey Everybody,

Does anyone know how to select multiple objects in a 2010 drawing page shape so that all of the objects in the shape display their connection points simultaneously?

I remember being able to select multiple objects in a Visio 2002 pro drawing and seeing each objects connection points and shape handles appear, colored blue and green, for each object in the shape.  Now, in Visio 2010, when I select more than one object, a blue line-box appears around the selected shapes, displaying active shape handles, however, the objects in the group are now colored solid pink and no connection points for the objects are available.  In the past, being able to see all the connection points displayed, at the same time, for multiple objects in a shape was very helpful to see if a shape was closed, since I could zoom in and see if the connection points were close enough for "join" to close the shape (snap & glue turned off).

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The way connection points are shown has been changed in Visio 2010. So, even if you want to see all the connection points and ensure that Connection Points is ticked on the View menu, they are only shown when a connector is routed near the shape.
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