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Started by Yomet, January 30, 2009, 05:05:30 PM

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I will be mentioning the language settings here because I think they are linked to the paper size selection, I may be mistaken. Some of the labels in dialog boxes might also be wrong since my office works in French and I do not know the English equivalent for some Visio specific labels.

I am not able to set the default paper size in Visio 2007. When I open a new document the paper size is set to A4 and the language of the document, in File/Properties, to French (France). When I look in Tools/Options - Save/Open the default language selected is French (Canada) and in my Regional Settings the language is also French (Canada).

In the Page Setup dialog the Printer Paper selection says A4 but our printer does not have A4 installed.

I have tried setting the default language to other settings to see if that change the language currently used but it did not change the behavior. I have tried changing the paper size in the Printer Settings dialog but the next document I create still has A4.

Sure it's not a big thing to change the paper size for each document but it's a hassle I'd rather do without, and my co-workers agree.

Thanks for any insight into this.


BTW, our setup is XP SP3, Office 2003 Pro SP3 and Visio 2007

Paul Herber

Is it only Visio that shows A4 as default?
Look at menu File -> Page Setup -> Page Size
Is it set to be the same as the printer paper size or is it set to  a pre-defined size?

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Yes it is only Visio that shows A4 as default, all other applications are showing Letter.

The page size is set to be the same as the printer paper size and when I go to the printer configuration through Visio it shows the printer default as A4. However, if I go to the printer configuration through Control Panel (or any other application) it shows Letter as default paper size. On top of that our printer does not even have A4 installed, it only has Letter, Legal and 11x17. The printer is a Xerox Workcenter 7345.

Paul Herber

What happens if you set the paper size to the pre-defined size you want?

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The document in which I changed the paper size shows the correct (Letter) size next time I open it but every new document still comes up with A4.

Unless I have changed it the wrong way, here's what I did:
- New document
- File/Page setup
- Set printer paper to Letter (US)
- OK
- Save

If I don't have a document open I cannot get to the Page setup dialog, or rather have not found how to get there if at all possible.

Visio Guy

Hi Yomet,

What is the default paper setting for the printer? Does it help if you go to Control Panel and change your default printer's paper size to Letter?

I'm pretty sure this works for apps like Word, but I'm not sure about Visio. I have the reverse problem that you have: I live in Germany, print to A4, but always work in inches and U.S. Visio.

It's never occurred to me that maybe my New drawings shouldn't be 8.5 in x 11 in., and it's never bothered me, since I produce a lot of stuff for the U.S. market, but now that I think about it, it is probably not really correct. :)
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Unless I am out in left field, the paper size must be in the printer driver before you can actually select and save it in VISIO.

If the printer driver does not have that size in it, then whatever you select in visio will not be saved;  at least I have found this to be the case. :)


Hi Visio Guy,

The default paper size in the printer configuration dialog is Letter unless I get to it through Visio then it's A4. You mentioned that you are using U.S. Visio, maybe that's the problem, I'll verify which version we install when my coworker arrives and get back to you.

mmulvenna: the printer driver supports A4 no problem but the physical printer does not have A4 installed



I came across same problem with Visio 2003, and solved it as follows under Win7:

- Windows Control Panel
- Region and Language
- Additional Settings
- Change "Measurement System" from "Metric" to "US"