How to Hide a Group of Shapes

Started by whirlpool1, April 23, 2012, 02:28:38 PM

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Hi all,

I want to try and hide a group using shape data entry.

I have a group of shapes (Group A) that consists of a large circle, and then a number of other groups (Groups B to I) which all sit on top of each other in the centre of the circle.

Depending on the value in a fixed list shape data entry in Group A called 'Type' it will switch off shapes in the centre that are not to displayed other than the one that is the one selected via the shape data entry value.
I presume I could use some code for each shape that roughly says...
This is an example for central Group B's shapesheet - possibly DisplayMode...?
=IF(Group A!Type="type_B",switch on,switch off)

I can then do this for the other 7 groups, but change the "type_B" for the required value.

Any suggestions welcome.
Build it and they will come...


need to actually shrink group to 0....cant really hide a group (unless you get into layers)

If you want to make the group still scalable, you need to get into the setatref functions to add an entry point to do something like

width*if(visible,1,0) kind of thing.


can use actions to save current width/height to user cells then set current width, height to 0.
(need to do the region select to find the hidden group to select actions to bring back visible).


in each subshape each geomeotry, have a trigger on the various show fields.....if(visibile,0,1) kind of thing.

For all of this, I assume you are reasonably familiar with the shapesheet and functions.

of course, could use VBA to accomplish as well.