auto generate multiple diagrams from a single template linked to excel data

Started by splicer72, April 12, 2012, 02:35:20 PM

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I have a Visio template that has around 20 variables in text boxes. The variable data is held in excel rows each with an unique identifier. I need to create 20 diagrams using the excel data that would create and save 20 seperate visio files. This is basically a mail merge between excel and visio but i cannot seem to find out if it is actually possible. I tried using the data link process but this seems to only allow me to add data to the shapes themselves whereas i want to fill in the text boxes and have the file saved individually based on the unique identifier.

I have attached the template here and the text in red corresponds to the variable cells in excel that i want to be pulled in

Have looked long and hard to find a solution so any help will be greatly appreciated